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We're Evolving

Today, 06:27 AM

Posted by Leo23 in Official Announcements

As all of the players on Bravos (formerly O2D-Gaming) may have noticed, the server activity has been constantly declining and has almost come to a standstill. The scope of the server that we have is limited, and hence, to make things better, we're bringing in a whole new series of changes that better help players. 

We're switching the server from premium to cracked, AGAIN, because the number of players we have is almost negligible. That requires all player stats of the existing players to be reset, however, if you wouldn't like to start fresh, your stats will be preserved in a separate file and then edited later with the new database of player skills. 

The map that we currently have will be reset. and towns that belong to players with the highest amounts of playtime, will be worldedited into the new map IF the players wish to preserve their towns. 

The shopkeeper rank is already back, as it has already been announced. 

We're sorry for all the inconveniences caused to any of the players, but this HAS to be done. 

If you have any questions/queries please leave a reply. 

-Leonard (Xx_Leo23_xX)



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The Shopkeeper Rank Is Back!

15 Sep 2014

Posted by Leo23 in Official Announcements

We are glad to announce the return of the SHOPKEEPER rank, a free rank that gives every non - donating player an opportunity to have more perks than normal players!

And loads of fun! Get a chance to see your name featured in the official shops list of the server at spawn! And stand out with the shiny golden SHOPKEEPER rank that stands out from everyone in chat!




Q. Ow mai gawd! I can haz?
A. To apply for the shopkeeper rank, a player must have a shop ( Duh! ) made using the chestshop plugin. The shop must have as many materials as possible, including generally required items like dirt, stone, sand, glass etc. Some food items, and also other miscellaneous items like diamonds and glowstone. All that you can offer to people. But remember, your shop should stay stocked and you should be active to restock it as and when required. The shop you build must look nice, ( refer to /warp shop-laputa, try to build something neat and attractive :P ) and have a pleasant feel to it.
There will also be a tutorial on chestshops in the tutorials section, for reference. 


Q. What perks do I get with the shopkeeper rank?
A. The shopkeeper rank entitles you to : 


1. Having a 'shopkeeper' tag in the chat.

2. A dedicated /warp to your shop that can and will be used by all the players playing on the server.

3. You name will be featured along with the name of your shop on the list of shops in /spawn.

4. You get access to the /hat command.

5. You get access to the /workbench command.

6. You get access to the /enderchest command.

7. If your shop is successful, then obviously a lot of money, and respect!

8. You get to advertise your shop in the chat, but no spamming.


You can apply for the shopkeeper rank AFTER your shop is ready and stocked, in the Shopkeeper Applications section, in the required format. 

Your shops will be judged and moderated by an admin, and if your shop is good enough, and you qualify, your rank and your warp will be set. 


If however, your application does get rejected, it is not a thing to be sad about, you may apply again when you have a better shop. 

Remember, ONLY the best shops will be given the shopkeeper rank. 

ONLY 1 shop per town, and the shop name will be the name of the town. 


Shopkeepers cannot share the shops with other players, only 1 person will own the shop and get the rank. 


The shopkeepers with the rank who later become inactive, or their shops remain out of stock for a long time, will be removed and a chance will be given to other applicants to get the rank. Make sure you maintain quality and efficiency. 

Good luck to all.

- Leo23






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We hit 1200+ players played in our server ^_^

05 Aug 2014

Posted by xX_St3aler_Xx in Official Announcements

So there are 1257 players played as for today :D !


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